Responding to the Ofsted Challenge

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Please find details below of the focus of each session.

  • Session 1  – Listening to young people (assuming it happens here, bringing down barriers to reporting, young people as agents of change).
  • Session 2 – Culture and attitudes (what is a whole school approach, staff modelling respectful behaviour, clarity about acceptable behaviour, behavioural approach.
  • Session 3 – RSHE Curriculum & Responding to concerns (inc. interagency work, recording and analysis of trends, staff confidence, supporting students who have been harmed or may have harmed others).
  • Session 4 – Developing a strategic plan (inc. evidencing progress to Ofsted, staff and governor training).

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We’ve already had 50+ participants in our first session alone, which was hosted by our directors, Andy and John.

Here are some of the things people had to say about their experience:

“Thank you, very useful and great that the PP and links etc will be uploaded to the site.”

“Thank you for today. Really looking forward to the next sessions too.”

“Excellent thank you John and Andy – well navigated.”