Copyright Policy

This policy sets out how users are permitted to use the content of Safeguarding Network and any associated subdomains, and explains when you may be required to get additional confirmation from Safeguarding Network to use material.

Thank you for taking the time to read this policy.  Safeguarding Network is committed to providing high quality content on matters which directly affect schools and other educational establishments around the subject of safeguarding.  Our ability to continue to provide this service depends on our users and subscribers understanding this policy and complying with it.

Safeguarding Network reserves the right to amend this policy at any time by updating this page.  Any update will become effective from point of publication on the website.

This version was published on the 14th April 2018.

What do we mean by copyright?

Copyright law means that the owner of the copyright (in this case Safeguarding Network) has exclusive right to control the use and distribution of copyrighted material.

All material which is published on the Safeguarding Network website protected by copyright law and should only be used as set out below.  If anything is used without permission, this is a potential infringement of copyright and breach of contract.

What is allowed?

Some materials are accessible without a subscription. These materials are available to all and Safeguarding Network permits copies of these materials to be downloaded for individual use. You may also share links to these materials, so long as the original webpage is given with the appropriate link.

If you subscribe to Safeguarding Network you have access to the a range of materials on the website, these being dependent on your role.  These are designed to support schools in discharging their safeguarding responsibilities, and therefore materials can be used freely within schools that have a subscription to Safeguarding Network.  Subscriptions are on an individual school basis.  Once an individual leaves a school they no longer have access to the subscription only materials on Safeguarding Network, unless their new school is also a subscriber.

What is not allowed?

Use of any subscription only materials provided by Safeguarding Network by individuals in schools which do not subscribe to Safeguarding Network is therefore not permitted.

Should you wish to use materials outside the scope of what is allowed above, please contact Safeguarding Network using our contact form.