Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment

This online learning course provides information about what is meant by sexual harassment, sexual violence and sexually harmful behaviour. Users will consider what consent is and the role of consent as well as what your staff should do if they have concerns and what should happen after they report concerns.

Meeting your needs

There is an increasing focus on the issue of sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools and other organisations that work with children and young people, with staff being reminded that it is not acceptable and should not be passed off. But do staff know what may come under the banner of sexual harassment and sexual violence? Our online course is designed to provide this basic level of knowledge along with what to do next.

What does the course cover?

The course considers:

  • what we mean by sexual harassment;
  • what is meant by sexual violence and sexually harmful behaviour;
  • the role of consent and what valid consent is;
  • what to do if there are concerns;
  • what may happen next after reporting to the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

All those who complete the course get a certificate of completion.


Access to the online learning costs just 99p+VAT per user for subscribing organisations – the Designated Safeguarding Lead can agree access through their console.

Click here for instant access to this course for £10+VAT per user. To see other elearning that is available to access instantly see the elearning section of our courses page.

Why safeguarding network?

With over 50 years of experience in child protection work and through working closely with Designated Safeguarding Leads, online learning from safeguarding network is built by practitioners who have learnt how to use elearning software.  This is in contrast to elearning providers who have built courses through liaising with subject matter experts.  Our e-learning reflects current practice, legislation and statutory guidance and is influenced by our daily experiences in keeping children and young people safe. Find out more about the team behind safeguarding network.