Online Safety – Think: Path to protection

This online learning course will give users an introduction to online harm, how children may be harmed online, the routes by which this may be identified and how to respond.

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The continued adoption of technology in more and more parts of our lives, coupled with the reducing age at which children are exposed to internet connected devices means that the risk of online harm occurring continues to rise. This online course has been developed by the Marie Collins Foundation, a registered charity working directly with children, young people and families to enable their recovery following sexual abuse involving technology.  This course is designed to raise awareness and knowledge of online harm as well as information about to what to do next.

Users who complete this course are offered the opportunity to join a 90 minute workshop hosted by staff from the Marie Collins Foundation where issues can be explored further.

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What does the course cover?

By the end of this module, users should be able to do the following:

  • Identify and describe the different ways a child may be harmed online.
  • Explain the difference between discovery and disclosure.
  • Identify and describe the different ways a child may be groomed online.
  • Recognise and know how to respond to indicators that a child is being harmed online.

All those who complete the course get a certificate of completion.

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Access to the online learning costs just £2.99+VAT per user for subscribing organisations – the Designated Safeguarding Lead can agree access through their console.

Want to access the online learning without subscribing to safeguarding networkClick here for instant access to this course for £10+VAT per user. To see other elearning that is available to access instantly see the elearning section of our courses page.

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Why safeguarding network?

With over 50 years of experience in child protection work and through working closely with Designated Safeguarding Leads, online learning from safeguarding network is built by practitioners who have learnt how to use elearning software.  This is in contrast to elearning providers who have built courses through liaising with subject matter experts.  Our e-learning reflects current practice, legislation and statutory guidance and is influenced by our daily experiences in keeping children and young people safe. Find out more about the team behind safeguarding network.

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