Listening to children

Listening is about two-way communication between you and the child, with each person valuing and respecting the views of the other.


  • The voice of the child: learning lessons from serious case reviews

    This report provides an analysis of 67 serious case reviews that Ofsted evaluated between 1 April and 30 September 2010. The main focus of the report is on the importance of listening to the voice of the child. Previous Ofsted reports have analysed serious case reviews and identified this as a recurrent theme which is considered in greater detail here.

  • Let children know you’re listening

    The NSPCC consulted with children to find out their needs and experiences, carrying out a survey, focus groups and interviews with adults who work with children to find out how to help them better respond to disclosures of abuse. They also looked at the existing evidence on the topic. Adults reported they aren’t always confident about knowing what to say and do if a child starts to disclose. This is the result of the research, an evidence-informed resource to help adults ensure children always feel listened to.

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