Introduction to Safeguarding

Our Introduction to Safeguarding online learning course gives users a general introduction to safeguarding and child protection whilst considering aspects such as the impact of the language that we use.

Meeting your needs

As set out in Working Together , “Everyone who works with children has a responsibility for keeping them safe.” In a world which is constantly changing we need to start somewhere as well as having a means to ensure that both our basic knowledge and the knowledge of those who we work with is up to date.  Our online course covers the basics in a clear and concise way, whilst providing pointers for further reading where people want to know more.

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What have others said?

“Excellent and well laid out.  Easy to understand.” (Early Years)

“It was great, not too long but covered everything in a good amount of detail and offered extra reading if you feel necessary.” (Social Worker)

“I have completed previous Group 2 training, but this was much, much better.” (Education)

“This has good visual images to help in giving the information in a way in which it can easily be remembered.” (Early Years)

“The interactive pages were good.  It was broken down in easy to read language without too much jargon.” (Social Care)

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What does the course cover?

The course considers:

  • how common abuse and neglect is;
  • how parental issues can impact on children;
  • what children need as they grow;
  • the importance of information; and
  • what to do if you are worried about a child.

All those who complete the course get a certificate of completion.

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Access to the online learning costs just £9+VAT per user for subscribing schools.  To find out more about subscribing to safeguarding network (from just £99+VAT per term), click here. For subscribing settings the Designated Safeguarding Lead can agree access through their console.

Want to access the online learning without subscribing to safeguarding network?  You can access this course for £27+VAT per user. For access click here.

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Why safeguarding network?

With over 50 years of experience in child protection work and through working closely with Designated Safeguarding Leads, online learning from safeguarding network is built by practitioners who have learnt how to use elearning software.  This is in contrast to elearning providers who have built courses through liaising with subject matter experts.  Our e-learning reflects current practice, legislation and statutory guidance and is influenced by our daily experiences in keeping children and young people safe. Find out more about the team behind safeguarding network.

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