Safeguarding Network has a number of e-learning courses that can either be accessed as part of your membership or as standalone courses.

Welcome to our library of e-learning courses.  Written by subject matter experts, we are adding more content all the time, so please check back regularly.

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Keeping Children Safe in Education Knowledge Check


There is a requirement on all schools in Keeping Children Safe in Education to ensure that their staff “understand and discharge their role and responsibilities as set out in Part one of this guidance.”  Our quiz asks questions about the information in Part one and Annex A of the guidance, testing knowledge and understanding.  This allows DSLs to be assured and be able to evidence that staff understand the requirements placed on them by this statutory guidance and also support if there are specific areas where further training is required.

Online Safety - Think: Path to Protection


Developed by the Marie Collins Foundation, this online course looks at the ways in which children may be harmed online and how we should respond.  Knowledge is then tested using a scenario with various options and outcomes then dictating what happens next.

Introduction to Safeguarding


All staff need to have a basic understanding of safeguarding and child protection. Developed initially for Safeguarding Children Boards, our highly rated training provides a basic understanding of safeguarding and child protection, as well as considering specific issues that staff need to be aware of.

Introduction to Domestic Abuse


Domestic abuse is an issue that affects us all, either directly or through knowing people who have experienced abusive relationships. Our online learning looks at the prevalence of domestic abuse, the impact on individuals, signs and symptoms and what we should do if we have concerns. Developed in conjunction with domestic abuse services, this course provides a general awareness of domestic abuse.

Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment


With an increased focus on peer on peer abuse and within that sexual violence and sexual harassment, this online learning looks at what is meant by sexual harassment, sexual violence and sexually harmful behaviour.  It gets staff to consider what consent is and the role of consent as well as what your staff should do if they have concerns and what should happen after they report concerns.