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We appreciate that there are times when you need to ask a question that is not answered on this site, or just want to have a conversation with us, perhaps to suggest how we can help you.

There are a number of ways in which you can contact us.  Whilst the quickest an simplest way would be to complete the form below, we understand that there are times when this is not feasible or practical.

You can find our email address at the bottom of every page along with our postal address.

Why don’t you provide a phone number for us to contact you on?

Whilst we have a registered office, as a team we are often not there as we are out an about helping people with their safeguarding needs.  Having contacts through emails and forms means that we can check these on the go and are more likely to respond to you, and you are not frustrated due to your message being left on an answerphone in an office.  It also means that we do not have to employ the services of a virtual receptionist – we don’t know what your experience is like, but when we have come across them it is very quickly clear that they do not know anything about the business and that is as equally frustrating as leaving a message on a voicemail system.

That does not mean that we do not use the telephone, and we are happy to have a conversation with you as sometimes that is a lot easier than trying to write it all out.  If you want to speak with us, just drop us a short message on the form below (with times that are convenient for us to speak to you) and we will call you back.

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  • If you are contacting us due to a problem with accessing learning materials on the site please let us know as much information about what you were doing when the problem occurred as possible as this will help us in trying to resolve the problem. Thank you.
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