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Keeping children safe in education requires designated safeguarding leads to ensure staff know about, understand and can implement their knowledge across more than forty separate subject areas, from private fostering to female genital mutilation.

It’s an enormous task, and it’s usually just part of a senior teacher’s role.

We’ve created information about each of these areas to help staff in every school understand the requirements, recognise signs and symptoms and take action to keep young people safe. No more scouring the web for information on County Lines – we’ve done the work for you for each area ready for delivery.

Safeguarding network members have access to…

  • a 2-year curriculum covering every area in KCSiE, including
    • a 15-20 minute PowerPoint presentation on each subject for your setting;
    • trainer notes to guide you through delivery;
    • a handout covering each area in KCSiE what it is, what to look for and what to do;
    • quizzes to check people have read the documents;
    • over 80 detailed scenarios to test your knowledge in practice.
  • low cost elearning from 99p+VAT per person on specific topics, our level two course at a members’ price of £9+VAT 
  • a Keeping Children Safe in Education Knowledge check (99p+VAT) with certificates for staff 
  • discounts on individual training places and courses
  • audit tools, action plans and policy templates.



Learning profiles

Every member of your school has a learning profile and you can use this to record, track and manage their progress.

From just 99p+VAT each member of staff can complete an online knowledge & understanding check (with certificate) demonstrating knowledge of the subject. You have access to whole school reports for designated safeguarding lead on individual staff progress, and chasing emails where staff are slipping behind.

Safeguarding e-learning

All your staff will can have access to our highly respected safeguarding elearning starting from 99p+VAT per person. We cap each of our e-learning courses at £1,500+VAT per annum so large schools also achieve savings.

Discounted training, safeguarding audits and consultancy

We offer high quality training and other work in your setting. Safeguarding network members attract a 10% discount.

Affordable and effective

Full access costs just £99+VAT a term. There’s no tie-in – simply let us know before the end of term if you wish to leave. We are happy to bill on an annual basis (£297+VAT per annum), just let us know when confirming your order.

Our e-learning and APL options are a small additional cost.

DSLs report our approach is “time-saving”, “expert” and “a game-changer”. We offer a money back guarantee if you’re unhappy in your first few weeks.

Still unsure… contact us to book a slot and we’ll show you around the system. We contact all new members to offer a tour of the site.

Join Safeguarding Network to access the full range of resources you need

Become a member