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On this page you can authorise staff in your school to complete elearning modules and obtain certificates. Our elearning is immensely practical and applied to school and college settings.


Our elearning is very affordable, easy to use and directly applicable to practice.

Read through the guidance notes below, then go to the YOUR SETTING page to authorise some or all of your staff to complete the module, or click the MANAGE ELEARNING button at the bottom of the page.


KCSiE Knowledge Check

Ensuring each member of staff has read Keeping Children Safe in Education can take up a lot of time. Register your staff team with safeguarding network and they’ll receive a link to the guidance and reminders to read the relevant sections every week until they have completed the knowledge check. Through the “Your School” page you will be able to monitor who has completed the course and whether there are any themes developing in real time and download a CSV file with all the information on to meet your own recording requirements.  The check also asks staff how they would respond to a variety of situations in Part 1 of the guidance, checks they can apply the knowledge they have gained and asks that they have read the school policies specified in the guidance (child protection, behaviour, code of conduct and whistleblowing). The tool is online and can be completed at school or at home. It will be available throughout the year for any new members of staff who join. Staff receive a certificate online on completion. The check is 99p+VAT per member of staff.

Introduction to Safeguarding

Online learning suitable as induction and introduction to the subject of safeguarding children. Learners read about prevalence, definitions of abuse or neglect, consider how their values influence their judgement and receive specific guidance on what to do when worried about abuse. This is aimed at what many areas term ‘Level 2’ training. The elearning is £9+VAT per member of staff.

Introduction to domestic abuse

Children in your school will be witnessing or experiencing domestic abuse at home. This course describes the experience of those living with domestic abuse, how to identify signs and signals and ways of talking with and working with both children and parents. The elearning is 99p+VAT per member of staff.

Managing allegations & the role of the LADO

Aimed at safeguarding leads, head teachers and safeguarding administrators responsible for making and processing judgements around safeguarding this course sets out the legal requirements and gives practice in making the judgements and managing these complex situations. The elearning is £9+VAT per member of staff.

Sexual violence and sexual harassment

With an increased focus on peer on peer abuse and within that sexual violence and sexual harassment, this online learning looks at what is meant by sexual harassment, sexual violence and sexually harmful behaviour.  It gets staff to consider what consent is and the role of consent as well as what your staff should do if they have concerns and what should happen after they report concerns. The elearning is 99p+VAT per member of staff.

Update modules

As part of our response to the global coronavirus pandemic we have developed online versions of the most recent updates so that staff can still refresh their knowledge.  Access to these is free to members – just add staff through the usual routes.

How do I do this?

To enable access for your school click the add/edit button for the relevant course and the ‘add all…’ button underneath the table. Alternatively you can select individual users and move them across. You will then be billed for any elearning that you have purchased in our next billing cycle.

If you’ve any queries or problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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