Low cost access to high quality safeguarding policies

We’ve created policy templates for key safeguarding policies. We write to an ethos that policies should be accessible, useful and seen as accrued organisational wisdom. Our house style is therefore clear, with text broken up with images (ideally from your school) and should make sense to those who read them.

Policies shouldn’t be off the shelf. Each policy comes with a guidance sheet to adjust to your particular setting and learner profile. We can either provide you with our template or you can commission us to work with your school to personalise the policy with you. This is typically half a day’s work at £495+VAT (including the policy).

safeguarding network members get free update sheets for their policy for the life of their membership ensuring you know it will always be robust.

child protection policy

In this central policy for safeguarding children there are a large number of requirements to be fitted into a document which still has to be easily accessible to staff and parents. We split our Ofsted-tested document into a section on the processes and an appendix with information on a wide range of issues that may affect children you or your staff come across. With straightforward flowcharts, contact details for key staff and the local authority, this should be the starting point for dealing with any concern.


safeguarding children policy cover

managing allegations policy

Many schools have a short section in their child protection policy which ticks the box until an allegation is made. Our policy integrates analysis tools aligned and updated to the current version of Keeping Children Safe in Education to guide head teachers, proprietors and safeguarding leads through the rare but important process of keeping staff, the organisation and most importantly children safe from harm.

Decision boxes are set out throughout the document to copy and paste into your recording so that you know decisions to contact the LADO, summarise the findings of an internal investigation or to consider suspending staff are absolutely robust and firmly rooted in guidance from the DfE.



managing allegations cover

whistleblowing policy

This is the policy we find missing in some schools during our audits. You’re required to have clear guidance for staff on how they can raise a concern. Whistleblowing criteria are very specific, available to certain staff around certain subjects. Our policy sets it all out clearly with links contacts for the national organisation with the duty to respond.


whistleblowing policy cover

staff code of conduct

A clear basis of expectation for staff on acceptable behaviour linked to the disciplinary procedure. The policy includes up to date expectations around staff conduct online both in and out of work and links to Keeping Children Safe in Education.


staff code of conduct cover

safer recruitment policy

Clear guidance on the process of recruiting staff aligned carefully to the most recent guidance.

We keep up to date with the requirements and this is our most regularly updated policy.



safer recruitment policy cover

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