Supporting safeguarding

Safeguarding Network provide “clear and effective arrangements for staff development and training in respect of the protection and care of children and learners”, in line with the new safeguarding inspection framework.

DSLs set aside 15-20 minutes for staff each month and follow our two-year curriculum covering all the required areas in Keeping Children Safe in Education, drawing on presentations, quizzes and scenarios. Delivered direct to your inbox for £99+VAT a term, our approach is expert, engaging for your staff and time-saving for your DSL. Great for inspections, time-saving for you but most of all impactful for young people.

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  • Monthly in-house training packs
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  • Free initial safeguarding case advice
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  • Discounted online learning
  • CPD for your safeguarding team

That’s brilliant – it must be a game-changer for you.

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