May DSL Resources

Is everyone else finding they are trying to do more with less? In this edition:

  • Gangs & youth violence
  • Governor oversight of safeguarding during COVID-19
  • Staff at home? Our materials have gone online
  • Helping children & young people manage anxiety


Whilst many areas will not have issues with gangs and youth violence, where it does occur it can cause significant impact on schools, children and young people. To access our Keeping Children Safe in Education resources on gangs and youth violence simply log in as a DSL to access:

  • a presentation and notes
  • a quiz and answers
  • a handout
  • scenarios for primary, secondary, SEND and care settings.

Online DSL forum

The weekly forum we started last month is regularly attended and covering many very current issues around safeguarding in the context of school site closures. DSLs who attended have fed back it has been useful to share experiences and solutions with one another, as well as valuing the input from the safeguarding experts on our team.

This Wednesday we will again be exploring how DSLs monitor and take action to protect vulnerable children, the role of governance and the standing item of preparing for a reduction in lockdown. We'll also be talking to DSLs about the potential for a monthly DSL forum for FE settings.

If you'd like to join us visit and log in for access details and the minutes of previous meetings.

COVID-19 & safeguarding Report to Governors template

One issue considered by the DSL forum was the role of governance. The significant change that the lockdown has bought about means that the way that we safeguard children and young people in schools has changed. What has not changed is the need to report to governors. In response to the discussion we have developed a template report for members to provide the high level information that governors need to oversee the strategic approach of the school to safeguarding. As always this is a suggestion and you may wish to adapt to your own needs.

Online learning

Many of us are learning to balance home life and work life in new and interesting ways. Throughout the summer, when staff teams have fewer opportunities to get together, we will be publishing a series of free or low costs online resources to support your staff, especially those working from home. Last month's physical abuse webinar is available now.

now online ELEARNING – Domestic abuse (99p)
now online ELEARNING – Sexual Violence & Sexual Harassment (99p)
now online ELEARNING - Managing Allegations & the role of the LADO (£9)
now online ELEARNING - Introduction to Safeguarding Children (£9)
now online WEBINAR - Physical abuse (free to members)
May 18 WEBINAR - Gangs & youth violence (free to members)
May 25 ELEARNING - Online safety & digital wellbeing (99p)
June 1 WEBINAR – Trafficking & modern slavery (free to members)
June 15 ELEARNING – Child exploitation series (99p each)
June 29 SERIES – Attachment & trauma informed communication (£4.95)
July 13 WEBINAR - Harmful practices (free to members)

To approve staff for any of the courses visit the Your School page, add the staff if necessary and authorise the learning. You can access our help guide, or simply get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Your CPD

This month's focus has been on our online learning materials - the Safeguarding Insight series will return next month.

Not a member...?

Every DSL has to ensure staff receive regular training and have not just read Keeping Children Safe in Education but can apply their knowledge. Each month Safeguarding Network provides you with the materials to support your staff's learning at a very low cost, a structured and comprehenisve approach to your safeguarding requirements.

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Planning ahead...

In June our materials will be covering trafficking and modern slavery in preparation for International Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking Day on 26th June.

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