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Slightly later than usual due to the release of the draft 2020 Keeping Children Safe in Education which was published by the Department for Education last week.

The draft KCSiE shows a push towards a more robust and integrated approach across education settings, more emphasis on the role of leaders, on safer recruitment (in line with the Safer Recruitment Consortium guidance) and greater reliance on the role of the DSL (who is to be given additional time (!) and supervision). We have written a Safeguarding Insight about the proposed changes (link below).

Our topic this month links with Stop CSE day: sexual abuse. As usual we have a range of materials to support your setting below.

In addition to the insight relating to the draft KCSiE, we have published a second Safeguarding Insight with a focus sexual abuse and the barriers to disclosure. This is a 'must read' for safeguarding teams as we believe sexual abuse is significantly under-reported - a study in the US found the average age of disclosure of survivors was when they were in their 30's or 40's, often when they had children of a similar age themselves.


This month's training supports staff training on sexual abuse. When logged in DSLs have access to:

  • a presentation and notes
  • a quiz and answers
  • a handout
  • scenarios for primary, secondary, SEND and care settings.

DSLs can also book staff on our new Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment online training on the Your School.

Your CPD

We've two Safeguarding insights this month...

The draft Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance has been published. You'll find a full briefing for you and your team, with links back to the consultation document should you wish to feed back to the DfE.

see our draft KCSiE 2020 insight

Our second Safeguarding Insight explores barriers to disclosure around sexual abuse.

As always, we are happy to help with advice on this topic, or should you wish to arrange training for your school or college staff.

see our sexual abuse insight

Not a member...?

Every DSL has to ensure staff receive regular training and have not just read Keeping Children Safe in Education but can apply their knowledge. Each month Safeguarding Network provides you with the materials to support your staff's learning at a very low cost, a structured and comprehenisve approach to your safeguarding requirements.

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Planning ahead...

Our safeguarding calendar includes reminders of key events through the year. This month we are reminding DSLs to prepare their annual safeguarding report and ensure you have this on the Governing Body's agenda towards the summer.

April's focus will be on physical abuse and emotional abuse, with a discussion paper on Fabricated or Induced Illness.

Are you starting to think ahead towards Safeguarding training for September's INSET days? You're not alone! Do get in touch early to ensure trainer availability on the days you want.

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