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27th January 2020

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Last week we had "Blue Monday", the name given to the third Monday of January as it is claimed that this is the most depressing day of the year. Interestingly this appears to have come about as part of a travel marketing campaign for a now defunct company. Articles suggest that a psychologist came up with a complex formula that takes into account a variety of factors including weather, level of debt, monthly salary, time elapsed since Christmas, motivational levels and other factors.

However many of these factors are highly individualistic and therefore often impossible to determine. Blue Monday does however continue to hold sway, and there is a real risk that we stop looking at individual circumstances. What is true is that this time of year is a struggle for a lot of people, regardless of their backgrounds. It is therefore important that we remember to ask people how they are and check with colleagues, service users, children.

Our briefing this week centres around three awareness raising events that are coming up:

  • Young Carers Awareness Day (30th January 2020)
  • Children's Mental Health Week (3rd - 9th February 2020)
  • Safer Internet Day (11th February 2020)
Yougn Carers Awareness Day

Young Carers Awareness Day

Taking place this week, Young Carers Awareness Day seeks to remind us of the challenges that children and young people who have caring responsibilities for those around them face on a daily basis. Many of these children and young people are hidden in plain sight, often not talking about what is happening for them as it is just accepted that it is part of their daily life.

The Carers Trust reports that recent research shows that one in five secondary school children may be a young carer, although it also accepts that often these children have started caring at a much younger age. Young carers can be particularly isolated and vulnerable, often not being able to take part in things because of caring responsibilities and being at higher risk of bullying.

For more information about young carers, see our resource page. Subscribers to Safeguarding Network can log in and access our staff update package in relation to young carers. For more information about Young Carers Awareness Day and resources around getting involved see the Carers Trust.

Child Mental Health Week

Child Mental Health Week

Next week is Child Mental Health Week. The theme this year is Find Your Brave and is about the small steps that we take every day. For children with mental health issues of whatever scale it can be difficult to share worries and ask for help, overcoming those personal barriers. Sometimes however even small steps can be very daunting and so it is about raising awareness of the support that is available.

As adults, talking to children about mental health can be difficult, particularly through a fear of getting things wrong. For information around talking to children about mental health and other information see our resource page on child mental health. Safeguarding Network subscribers once logged in can access an update package to deliver to staff around child mental health. For more information about Child Mental Health Week and resources linked to the week, see the children's mental health week website.

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day

This year's theme is "Together for a better internet." With the proliferation of devices that are attached to the internet, there is an ever increasing need for children and young people to understand how to keep themselves safe. We cannot possibly educate them about every single aspect of the online world as it is ever evolving. What we can do however is give children and young people the skills to keep themselves safe generally (which includes online and in the real world) and let them know what to do if they have concerns about what they are seeing, or if they are being bullied.

As organisations we need to ensure that the culture is such that children and young people feel able to approach any member of staff and know that they will be taken seriously and their concerns will not just be fobbed off as part of growing up or banter.

For more information about online safety see our resource page. For organisations that subscribe to Safeguarding Network, our staff update package for February (being released imminently) will focus on cyberbullying. For more information about Safer Internet Day and resources for use in your organisation see the Safer Internet website.

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