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Our first topic of the new year is radicalisation. This area is broadening as we begin to recognise the growing influence of far right and an increase in graffiti and attacks by anti-Semitic groups evening over the last month. Some believe a sharpening of political rhetoric at both extremes is fuelling a rise in radicalisation of young people.

Our Safeguarding Insight this month has been written as a test of your safeguarding knowledge with a prize for the best response. Drawing on areas of professional dangerousness we’ve designed some material for you to review. Non-members can win a term’s membership, so to even the stakes if you are a current customer and submit the best response you will receive a £99 voucher towards our e-learning. See below for details.


This month's training supports staff training on radicalisation. Schools have access to:

  • a presentation and notes
  • a quiz and answers
  • a handout
  • scenarios for primary, secondary, SEND and care settings.

Some schools will have recently delivered radicalisation training. An alternative focus might be Young Carers ahead of Young Carers’ Day on 30th January.

Your CPD

We’ve created a safeguarding challenge for you this month around the theme of professional dangerousness. In addition to the safeguarding insight which summarises 26 areas of professional dangerousness we have added an exercise for experienced safeguarding staff. You can complete this for your own learning, or enter your attempt for a chance to win a voucher for your school against new membership or e-learning, together with the endorsement of your safeguarding expertise and skill.

We have reproduced themes from research on a cross-section of reviews into serious safeguarding incidents such as the rule of optimism and confrontational bias. You’ll find a short paragraph on each to highlight potential issues that may impede professionals from identifying abuse or neglect.

We’ve then written a short submission to a review child protection conference, based on our own experiences of poor agency practice, and concealed a significant number of these errors within the document. Your role is to identify and label as many as you can find.

This exercise, from our advanced safeguarding course, will help develop your skills in gate-keeping practice. If you’d like to enter your analysis for the competition simply email your completed document with each issue correctly labelled (electronically or scanned in) and email to quiz@safeguarding.network.

see our professional dangerousness insight

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Every DSL has to ensure staff receive regular training and have not just read Keeping Children Safe in Education but can apply their knowledge. Each month Safeguarding Network provides you with the materials to support your staff's learning at a very low cost, a structured and comprehenisve approach to your safeguarding requirements.

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Planning ahead...

February’s focus will be on delivering online safety and cyberbullying linking with safer internet day on 11th February 2020.

Next month there is also International Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM on 6th February.

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