September DSL Materials

The final version of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019 was published early this morning. We've been burning the midnight oil so all our materials are ready to support you through the new school year.

What is new in KCSiE 2019?

The significant changes are set out in Annex H. We've devised some tools to help you implement the changes including a policy checklist and training packs. The changes are as follows (the amendment to the draft guidance is marked in red):

Part 1 & Annex A

  • Part 1 – revised to improve the flow. While the content has not been changed some information on abuse and neglect has been moved to the “What school and college staff should look out for” section
  • Upskirting has now been included in Keeping Children Safe in Education as it is a criminal offence, and additional pargraphs have been added on serious violence
  • NSPCC whistleblowing website updated – now
  • Annex A has had a slight amendment to the children with family members to ensure this covers England & Wales, added Forced Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation into the so-called ‘honour’ based violence section to clarify they are included, and added information on upskirting.

Other changes

  • Addition to para 79: Schools should not under the GDPR as supplemented by the Data Protection Act 2018 provide pupils’ education data where the serious harm test under that legislation is met. Therefore, in a situation where a child is in a refuge, this could mean that schools can withhold education data under the GDPR; they should do so where the serious harm test is satisfied. (This was not in the draft document).
  • Changes to reflect the new requirements for relationships education, relationships & sex education and health education, the implementation of the new safeguarding children partnership arrangements nationally and the new Ofsted framework
  • Reference to s167A (prohibition on participation in the management of independent schools) has been removed
  • Direct link to overseas trained teachers guidance has been removed as this is currently being updated
  • s128 checks are required on maintained school governors to ensure they are not barred (via the Teaching Regulation Agency’s website)
  • Clarity that associate members of governing bodies are not subject to DBS checks
  • A link has been made to the new guidance on Teaching Online Safety in Schools

Check your staff understanding...

Fortunately the changes this year are limited, and we've suggested the following steps to support your implementation:

  1. Brief your staff on the changes. You can access an update presentation here.
  2. Amend your policies - please use our checklist to ensure you have it all covered.
  3. Check staff understanding - we've a Keeping Children Safe in Education Knowledge Check that manages the process of ensuring people are familiar with KCSiE 2019 and the relevant school policies. Staff receive a certificate if they attain 75%, and you receive a report to evidence they have read, understood and can apply the guidance. No more signing a sheet to say it has been read and a great way to ensure your staff training has had impact. Register staff (99p) using the Your School button in the DSL menu. Contact us if you need any help.
  4. Ensure all governers have had s128 checks. This should be in place but is made explicit in the new guidance
  5. We've prepared updated training packs on sexual violence & sexual harassment (including upskirting) and on county lines (and serious violence). Login to view the training resources.
  6. Plan your training schedule for next year. You may want an extra slot or two in September to ensure people are familiar with the above, then set aside 15-20 minutes a month for staff from October.


We've not added to the training this month as there's a lot to do with the new guidance. We suggest a focus on one or both of the following areas

Sexual violence & Sexual Harassment: Updated materials including upskirting:

  • a presentation and notes
  • a quiz and answers
  • a handout
  • scenarios for children in care, secondary/older primary children, and for younger children.
  • elearning on this is included as part of the KCSiE Knowledge Check (99p)

County Lines: Materials refreshing staff on the serious violence affecting many young people, following emphasis in KCSiE 2019:

  • a presentation and notes
  • a quiz and answers
  • a handout
  • primary and secondary scenarios

Your CPD

In keeping with the Keeping Children Safe in Education theme we've focused on Information Sharing in your CPD guide this month

see our Information Sharing - the devil is in the detail

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Planning ahead...

In October we align with International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and focus on working with poverty in schools, colleges and other settings. When does the impact of poverty become a child protection issue?

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