May DSL materials

This month's theme links to International Missing Children’s Day on 25th May.

There have been a couple of important updates from the DfE in the last month which we included in our fortnightly safeguarding update on 29th April, including a new governance handbook with greater emphasis on governor safeguarding and a concern from the DfE that staff are not sufficiently familiar with Keeping Children Safe in Education, in particular with the actions required in response to sexual violence or sexual harassment between children or young people.

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These are available at You need to be a member and logged in as a DSL to access the training materials, although there's also lots of other useful information and free resources on the page.

You'll find:

  • your bite-size staff presentation for this month with notes
  • your handout
  • your quiz and answers
  • a link to a video and questions to consider in your setting
  • a scenario for children's homes and fostering providers.

Instead of a schools' scenario we've tried a new approach this month with the video - we'd be interested in your thoughts. Contact us if you have any comments.

Your CPD

Parental responsibility is a key issue in deciding who can enrol children in a school, who can give permission for medicines or activities, and who holds which responsibility in safeguarding issues. Schools and care homes have often had no training or guidance on this area, so we've created a short article summarising the law.

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Free training...?

Safeguarding Network is growing month by month, but we're keen to meet more schools or homes. If you can find half a dozen organisations in your local area to join the network, they'll not only benefit from the resources but we'll come out to meet you all and offer a free day's training on a topic of your choice... managing allegations, safer recruitment, DSL update... the choice is yours! Get in touch to find out more.

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Not a member...?

Every DSL has to ensure staff receive regular training and have not just read Keeping Children Safe in Education but can apply their knowledge. Each month Safeguarding Network provides you with the materials to support your staff's learning at a very low cost, a structured and comprehenisve approach to your safeguarding requirements.

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Planning ahead...

There's lots going on next month... Our focus will be on training staff to respond to the issues parents may bring, such as substance misuse, domestic abuse or parental learning difficulties. See the links on our parental issues page for details.

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Happy to help.

We're here to make sure you do an excellent job in your school. If you need advice on safeguarding guidance or cases, please don't hesitate to ask the DSL network on the forums, or get in touch with us.