March DSL materials

This month's theme supports Stop CSE Day on 18th March.

Please visit the child sexual exploitation page at You'll find:

  • your bite-size staff presentation for this month with notes
  • your handout
  • your quiz and answers
  • a primary and a secondary safeguarding scenario for you to use with your staff, together with our suggested responses.

You need to be a member and logged in as a DSL to access the training materials, although there's also lots of other useful information and free resources on the page.


Many schools have delivered CSE training already, so this month we've provided a further training pack and materials on radicalisation at Again, you'll find presentation, quiz, handout and different scenarios.

You need to be a member and logged in as a DSL to access the training materials, but non-members can still access the other content.

Your CPD

It's sometimes helpful to think about patterns of issues, rather than considering issues in isolation themselves. We learn about CSE, radicalisation, County Lines, trafficking and modern slavery but there are some common themes and vulnerabilities that underpin each area. We've reflected on this in our page on child criminal exploitation.

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Not a member...?

Every DSL has to ensure staff receive regular training and have not just read Keeping Children Safe in Education but can apply their knowledge. Each month Safeguarding Network provides you with the materials to support your staff's learning at a very low cost, a structured and comprehenisveapproach to your safeguarding requirements.

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Planning ahead...

Next month we are looking at allegations about staff. You might also want to start thinking about booking staff and safeguarding team training for September... we do get a lot of requests for training around the start of term so it's best to get in early. Contact us for more details.

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Happy to help.

We're here to make sure you do an excellent job in your school. If you need advice on safeguarding guidance or cases, please don't hesitate to ask the DSL network on the forums, or with us.