Fortnightly Safeguarding Briefing

14th January 2019

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Happy New Year

Welcome to the first safeguarding briefing of 2019. We hope that you had the chance to have a good rest over the Christmas period and your first days back have not been too challenging.

Safer Internet Day Logo

Safer internet day - 5th February 2019

This years theme is "Together for a better internet". The aim of the day is to raise awareness around using technology in a responsible and positive way. The UK Internet Centre has created Education Packs tailored to specific age groups from 3 year olds up, including lesson plans, posters, presentations, activities and more.

Access the resources here.

The health impacts of screen time

We are sure that over the last week you will have seen the news reporting that leading paediatricians are saying that there is little evidence that screen use is harmful, and that parents do not need to worry about how much time their children are looking at screens for.

Whilst the RCPCH do say that the evidence is too weak to allow them to recommend a cut-off for children's screen time, they do suggest that families consider four key questions as a family in order to guide screen time limits.

Find out more here.

As an interesting counter to this an opinion piece in the Guardian that notes a dimension of the debate that is missing, that being the impact of economic stability and social capital within households. The piece argues that in certain situations screens allow a window on the outside world providing relief where there is a "poverty of leisure options" and this changes the level to which parents will regulate screen time.

Read more here.

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Thinkuknow - Resource Library

Thinkuknow (the education arm of the Police's Child Exploitation and Online Protection command) provide a searchable resource library with materials aimed at specific age groups, as well as tailoring materials for young people of differing ages with SEND.

Access the resources here.

Out-of-school-settings consultation front cover

Consultation on out-of-school settings

The Department for Education has released a safeguarding code of practice for groups, clubs, religious schools (e.g. on a Sunday) and other out-of-school settings. It doesn't apply directly to schools, but if you host these activities on your premises or have particularly close relationships with a choir or drama club for example, or you're aware a lot of your students do, you may wish to ensure they're following the guidance.

It's just a consultation currently, but much looks like good practice although they've set the bar rather high expecting safeguarding leads in the ballet club to follow the Designated Safeguarding Leads job description in Keeping Children Safe in Education.

We're producing an audit tool you could ask organisations near your school to complete. The tool will be free for safeguarding network member schools to use with their local organisations.

The consultation closes at 23:45 on the 24th February. Access more information here.

Young person cuddling toddler

Young Carers Awareness Day

Young Carers Awareness Day is on the 31st January 2019. With at least 800,000 estimated young carers in the country and the likelihood that this is the lower end of the true amount, it is important that we do what we can to identify and support young carers. Research shows that there is a significant impact on academic achievement and social relationships by virtue of being a young carer.

Safeguarding network is supporting schools to support young carers - see our young carers page for more information. Subscribing schools can access materials to update and develop staff knowledge about the impact of being a young carer and how to support them at school.

Who are we?

Safeguarding Network recognise that the demands on schools are increasing from every aspect. Safeguarding is no exception. Using our front-line safeguarding experience and knowledge we develop resources to help schools meet their safeguarding requirements with the aim of helping lighten the load.

Visit for more information.

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