Welcome to 2019...

It's an exciting year coming up as Safeguarding Network is being used in more and more schools. We've been looking at the year ahead and have some excellent content planned - feel free to browse ahead at safeguarding.network/calendar. If you're wanting something specific, don't hesitate to let us know.

This month's theme is young carers, with briefings for your staff prepared ahead of young carers day on 31st January. We've a quiz, presentation, handout and a couple of new scenarios all available at safeguarding.network/youngcarers

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1 in 5 children in some schools are young carers.
A third of these provide a 'high' level of caring.

  • Train your team to understand the definition of young carers, the impact being a young carer may have on education and well-being and the action required to properly support them.
  • Review your school population to think who may be acting as a young carer and what support they need.
  • Change how the school operates to avoid penalising young carers with a young carers' policy.
  • Plan and deliver our young carers materials. You've access to scenarios, training packs, handouts and video resources.
  • Validate your progress with the Young Carers in Schools Award.

Shrinking Services, Growing Needs

We've begun a Safeguarding Insight series on the impact of austerity on agency relationships and safeguarding. 2019 is likely to herald further significant reductions to early help and SEND services, with CAMHS services also under huge pressure.

Our article sets out this context and considers how schools may plan their approach to improve accountability between agencies and keep children safe. We'll be building on this through the month with articles on risk assessment and effective referrals.

for the first in the series, please click here

Budgeting for 2019/20?

When planning safeguarding training it is worth thinking through what each role requires, so you don't end up with unexpected costs mid-year. Our training grid is a really useful tool to think through who needs what, and ensure you have all costs planned.

Safeguarding Network is only a small cost, but worth ensuring you build in. We also offer safeguarding audits, advice on safeguarding and staff allegations, face-to-face training and low cost eLearning. Contact us to build an inclusive package and achieve further discounts on our pricing.

Planning ahead...

February is a busy month for organisations wanting to highlight particular themes. We'll be focusing on Children's Mental Health Week, 4th to 10th February, but there's also Safer Internet Day on 5th February and International Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM on the 6th February.

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Safeguarding Network has lots of resources to help you in your role. There's audit tools, guidance notes, low price policies and safeguarding insights to help you think more deeply about the role. Visit the DSL Tools page.

If you've been forwarded this email and want to know more about what we offer click here for details.

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